The Bandwagon Perspective on Brewing Brewing beer is an art based on a science. It combines age-old practices with modern technologies and liberties. Brewing shared in formation and structure of the first civilizations and has continued to help mold and transform societies. Barley, one of the main ingredients in beer, was the basis of many ancient economies. Historically always brewed on a local scale, beer was a craft that was as individual and unique as the person that crafted it and the ingredients available to them. Only at specific pubs could certain tastes be enjoyed. The brewpub served as a meeting place where laughs, ideas, and thoughts have been shared and sometimes where revolutions have originated. They served as the hub of the social and political structures of their surrounding areas, and moreover, as a place where inspirations manifest. At the Bandwagon Brewery we plan to honor the many facets of brewing as it's evolved over the millennia by taking pride in both the products we put into our beer and the ones we put out. We will pay homage to classical brewing through practicing some traditional brewing styles while experimenting with new techniques and ingredients nurturing our craft to create unique and individual beers. Most importantly, we will respect the Bandwagon community by utilizing their ideas, knowledge, and character for brewing inspiration. To change with the tastes of our community we incorporate small-batch brewing. By brewing only 10 gallons maximum at a time, we ensure an evolving beer style and individuality. We look forward to sharing the brewing experience and invite you into the Bandwagon community. We appreciate and encourage your criticisms, compliments, and advice. Perhaps due to our unique hand crafted beers, our eclectic and dynamic food, or the Bandwagon community inside, and outside our brewpub walls, you too can find inspiration within the Bandwagon Brewery. Bandwagon Food & Beer Pairings At the Bandwagon Brewery we believe that things taste better closer to home. That's why we make every attempt to use fresh, local ingredients for both our food and beer whenever possible. We see beer in the same vein as wine as a compliment to food and will create our menu with this in mind. We intend to pair beer with food in ways designed to challenge and reward the palate of our guests. When you dine at the Bandwagon Brewpub expect to see the menu updated frequently as our raw materials change. We conceive the food with the beer in mind and vice versa. If you have an interesting idea for a beer/food pairing please let us know and we will do our best to develop it and get it on the menu. We may not always get it right but we promise to consistently get better. We believe in letting our brewers and chefs express their creativity through their creations so expect something new and exciting on each new menu.

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